Micky Adiv, CEO of G4S Israel, appointed as Maala’s Chairperson – See more at: http://archive.maala.org.il/en/company/about/news/Default.aspx?ContentID=1356#sthash.dlMz9y3K.dpuf

Maala wishes to thank Ofra Strauss who served as Maala’s Chairperson for the last 3 years

Author: Editorial | 19/01/2014
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Maala’s new Chairperson – Micky Adiv, CEO of G4S Israel.
On behalf of Maala’s board and team members, we would like to thank Ofra Strauss, Chairperson of the Strauss Group for her 3 years term as Maala’s Chairperson, and her contribution and leadership to Maala’s ongoing impact.

Micky Adiv brings with him a deep personal and professional commitment to CSR, unique experience in advocating for ethical standards in the Israeli market and ongoing involvement with Maala’s work. This will surely boast Maala’s efforts to continue and lead the CSR scene in Israel.

Maala functions as a non‪-profit business network for corporate responsibility among 110 of the largest ‬companies in Israel‪. Through its regular contact with these companies, Maala promotes a process of implementation and application of “corporate social responsibility” through knowledge dissemination. Maala publishes annually the Maala CSR Index on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, that serves as a management tool and benchmark for CSR in Israel.