Maala 2012 Index

91 companies participated in the Index, including 11 new entries.

The index serves as an internal measurement tool which lays the ground for strategic management and implementation of CSR awareness, development and continued improved performance. The results are published publicly.

Maala commands participating companies on their ongoing commitment to continued improvement and the adoption of new and advanced CSR standards.

The 2012 Maala Index introduced new CSR norms designed for the Israeli market by an independent public committee. Thus it provides a social-environmental snapshot of the Israeli economy, as revealed by the 2012 Index results:

  • A total of 900,000 employee volunteering hours by participating companies.
  • 77% of companies allow their employees to volunteer on companies’ time.
  • Employee well being: 67% of companies have a written policy concerning the work life balance of their employees.
  • 60% of participating companies diversified their workforce and included Arabs, ultra orthodox and employees with disabilities in their workforce.
  • 33% of companies turned their web site into accessible websites.
  • Environmental leadership: 62% of companies provide organized transportation and carpool services to their workers
  • 12% of participating companies offer financial compensation to employees using public transportation

Maala’s current development emphasizes “3rd generation CSR” – business development of products and services with an environmental and social added value.

About Maala
MAALA – Business for Social Responsibly – is an NGO that works with businesses to develop and implement CSR strategies. MAALA’s membership includes over 130 of Israel’s most prominent companies. MAALA organizes an annual Conference and publishes the MAALA CSR Index on the TASE.

With our corporate members, we are developing these past months a new Israeli CR narrative that address local concerns and opportunities. One example of that is the “Appropriate Growth initiative”, harnessing the entrepreneurial nature of Israeli businesses to sustainable growth solutions in developing countries in areas such as: water, energy, food security, sheltering etc.

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Changes in the 2012 Questionnaire
Updated Criteria for CSR Index