Maala 2009 Index

62 companies participated in the CSR Index this year, representing an annual turnover of NIS 227 billion and 139,000 employees – over 44% of the country’s business sector. 25 firms attained a Platinum rank this year, 20 reached Gold and 17 made Silver.

Momo Mahadav, Maala CEO: “That companies which participated in the Index in the past have continued to participate this year, in the shadow of the global economic crisis, reveals a high level of commitment to the public and other stakeholders.”

“The world economic crisis has reinforced the importance of corporate responsibility, transparency and integrity. The massive investment of public funds into companies in the US and Europe along with shifting expectations of the business world among the general public have led to new demands on companies from decision-makers, regulators and the general public.”

“In this context, the Israeli economy’s commitment to responsible management and proper business norms is more critical now than ever before. The Maala Index continues to be an important tool for mapping and managing these issues in companies,” he continued.

For the full results of the 2009 Maala Index, please click here.