Maala Annual Conference 2009


Maala Conference 2009 | National Goals for Israeli Business 14 October 2009 | David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv

Maala’s annual conference is the leading focal point and arena for reviewing and discussing CSR in Israel. The conference draws hundreds of committed participants representing the different sectors of Israeli society ; Business leaders, government officials and NGOs.


Maala’s 2009 conference is devoted to presenting the mapping of the National Goals as discussed and ranked by the leaders of Israel Business Community and to creating commitments within the business sector to realizing them. Maala believes that a conversation between the leaders of the business sector and the public sector at this time will bring an added value to all efforts to address Israel’s most burning issues, such as improving education, promoting workforce participation and workplace diversity, achieving national Goals for improving environmental standards, promoting consumers’ health and more.

The total output of the conference will be an in-depth consideration of how business can advance these Goals. Accordingly, Maala will promote awareness of how affiliate companies can use the target mapping to develop tools and indices that businesses can use, with a focus on the following areas: workforce participation within population sectors currently excluded from the job market, improvement of education, environment, corporate governance, and corporate responsibility of small and medium size businesses.

To download the conference program click here (Word file)