Maala Annual Conference 2007

The President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, is to open the Maala Annual Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Are we leading?
What is the social role of Israel’s business leadership?
Will the next generation of business leaders take the corporate responsibility agenda to new levels?
What do senior business people think about environmental responsibility?
How does social responsibility affect business?

Maala’s annual conference is the primary forum for discussion of CSR in Israel. The focus of Maala’s upcoming conference will be on the role of CSR in the Israeli economy and on placing sustainability on the agenda of the Israeli business community. The conference will be attended by business leaders, government officials, NGO representatives and international guests.

Talia Aharoni, Maala’s Founder & CEO:“The President’s opening address at the Maala conference conforms with the globally accepted approach that views the importance of the private sector in motivating social and environmental change… I have no doubt that President Peres’s vision will be a source of inspiration both to the conference participants and to the social-environmental agenda of the business sector in the coming years”.

The conference’s keynote speaker is Mr. Stanley Litow, President of the global IBM Foundation and VP for Global Community Relations at IBM. Litow’s speech will emphasis the importance of CSR as a critical component of a company’s brand value and if properly planned and delivered will provide a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Additional speakers at this year’s conference include Israel’s business leaders: Mr. Zvi Ziv, CEO, Bank Hapoalim and incoming Chairman of Maala; Ms. Ofra Strauss, Chair of the Strauss Group; Mr. Amos Shapira, CEO, Cellcom; and Maxine Fassberg, CEO, Intel Israel.

Also featuring: An in-depth survey benchmarking Israeli top executives views on corporate responsibility and its relevance to financial success in comparison to global peers view. Young business leaders on the future business model. The conference will sum up with a gala-reception celebrating the publication of the first ever encyclopedia of business social responsibility and social reporting.