About Maala Index

Launched in 2003, and broadened in 2006, the Maala Index annually ranks companies based on their commitment to CSR principles.

Participation in Maala’s annual Index is voluntary and is chosen by those businesses and organizations committed to the process throughout their operations. Each company reports in great detail on the diverse aspects of their impact on society and the environment. Approximately 25‪% of the 350 largest companies in Israel currently participates in the rankings ‪ (a percentage similar to foreign markets).

The index criteria are decided upon by an independent public committee, comprised of experts, academics, heads of social and environmental organizations and representatives of the business sector.

Companies are judged based on their performance in eight major areas:

  • Ethics & Transparency
  • Work Environment & Employment
  • Human Rights, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Responsible Supply Chain
  • Contributions
  • Volunteerism
  • Environmental Management
  • Corporate Governance

    Participating companies, which have demonstrated an unprecedented willingness toward accountability and transparency, are then ranked within their categories of industry, size and ownership (public or private/government-owned).

The detailed surveys issued by Maala for the annual rankings serve as a valuable resource for CSR professionals to report on the company’s activities during the past year, to map gaps and set goals for improving CSR vis-a-vis Israeli standards, and to monitor their accountability over time.

Data submitted by participating companies is analyzed by Greeneye, the Israeli representative of EIRIS, in consultation with S&P Maalot, based on models developed by McKinsey Israel and external assurance by Ernst & Young, as well as Maala’s Chairperson (Micky Adiv, CEO of G4S Israel) and Maala’s CEO (Momo Mahadav).