Maala’s Index was launched in 2003, and was broadened in 2006. Every year,‬ Maala ranks dozens of companies according to their commitment to CSR principles. The index provides a yearly ranking, along with the ability to map gaps and set goals for improving CSR vis-a-vis Israeli standards.

Participation in the index is voluntary,‬ and requires its participants to submit their company CSR data.‬ Approximately 25%‬ of the 350 largest companies in Israel participate in the rankings (a percentage similar to foreign markets).‬

The target audience of the rankings are Israeli companies with yearly turnover greater than 320 million NIS. The Maala financial index includes all of the public companies who participate in the rankings.

The index criteria are decided upon by an independent public committee, comprised of experts, academics, and heads of social and environmental organizations and representatives of the business sector. ‬‬
The Maala Index enables investors to invest in a group of leading companies selected not only due to their excellent financial performance but also according to their management and performance of their impact on the Environment, their employees, the community and their ethical performance. It gives crucial information to investors, consumers, employees, suppliers etc. The Index also enables those companies that participate and others to review their performance as a benchmark to their sector colleagues as well as introduce management tools and processes that will enable them perform better in the future.

The financial tool which allows to invest in the index is KSM 32 MALA.ISIN: IL0011172587 .