About us

Maala – Israel’s leading CSR organization
Social utility as a business value
An umbrella organization of some 130 of Israel’s largest companies, our goal since our founding in 1998 has been to promote corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR) in Israel.

We provide a forum for sharing practical knowledge and experience, as well as training CSR managers and helping businesses set local and international benchmarks and promote innovative in the field.

In 2012, Maala will emphasize the challenges involved in promoting fair business practices alongside development of new business models which integrate greater social utility.

Maala is part of a global network of organizations that promote corporate responsibility, including: BSR, CSR 360 and the UN Global Compact.

Since 2003, Maala has produced the annual Maala Index, which ranks publicly traded as well as privately held Israeli companies on the basis of CSR criteria.

As part of its effort to train qualified CSR personnel, Maala operates an annual training course for CSR managers, in cooperation with BDO Ziv Haft.